Truing the Patterns of your Tops

Let’s take a look at 90-degree angles 📐and continuous seams ♾ for top sewing patterns. The main rules for tops 👚👕🥼👔are as follow:

1. The center front and center back seams or folds should always be at a 90-degree angle📐. (Unless you have a v-neck.)
2. The armhole is generally also at 90-degree angles 📐for the front and the back. (The sleeve, therefore, follows that same shape.)
3. When the side seams are joined, the armhole should be smooth and continuous. ♾
4. When the shoulder seams are joined, the armhole and neckline should be continuous, without anything pointing out. ♾

If you ever need to alter your patterns, make sure you “control” them at the end, cross-checking that you are following these rules and using the right tools.

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