Small Bust Adjustment – Princess Seams

Most sewing patterns are made with B-cup bust sizes. That means if you have a smaller bust cup size, you’ll likely need to do a small bust adjustment.

In this post, you’ll see how to do it when your pattern has princess seams.

1. Pin your sample horizontally across the front area where the excess is and measure the amount you’ve pinned.
2. Come back to the pattern and mark where you pinned it. Separate the front and the side panels of your princess seam.
3. Slash the side panel open towards the side seam but stop just before getting there. Allow the apex to overlap the amount you measured in your sample to close out that amount.
4. Then, fold shut the front panel overlapping it that same amount all the way across.
5. You’ll smooth out any lines as needed to make it smooth and continuous.

That’s it! It’s a super easy method, and I recommend this for single-cup adjustments.

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