Sleeve Corrections – Bicep Too Big

The appearance of a big bicep can be a vertical dragline, or it might just feel too big.
This correction also reduces the sleeve cap width, and we increase the cap height in order to fit in the existing armhole.

1. Pin the amount you want to reduce your bicep.
2. Mark your pattern as shown in the video: the total amount you want to reduce is divided into 3 sections.
3. Close(fold) the lines shut.
4. You can see that the cap width has reduced.
5. You can either add to the cap height to make it fit into the existing armhole, or you could alternatively raise your armhole position on the body to reduce the armhole.
6. In some instances, you may want to remove a slight amount at the underarm seams too. (If you need to reduce a lot)

At the end, the sleeve must fit back into the armhole of the body.

This is a great slash/close method for reducing your sleeves.

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