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Using Pattern Rulers – The Hip Curve

Not all tools are created equal. Here I show you one of my favorite tools; it makes pattern-making so much easier.

This is the Fairgate hip curve, which can be used for so much more than just the side seam. You can actually use this on most seams to get beautiful lines. Just to mention a few, you can get a perfect waistline and some beautiful curves in the front rise and the inseam. You can also use it for bodices, sleeves, and much more.

Even if you don’t create your own patterns, it comes in handy when you are in between sizes and want to adjust commercial patterns. This is the case when you are “trueing” the pattern, which is making sure your front and back pieces are aligned, smooth, and continuous.

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Learn the 3-Step
Fitting Process:

  • A) Identify the Fitting Issue.
  • B) Pin, Cut, & Tape the Fitting Sample.
  • C) Correct the Sewing Pattern.


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