Pattern Corrections for Bottoms – Waist Too Tight

Have you ever had a garment with horizontal draglines? It’s a sign that your garment is too tight somewhere. This correction is for a waistline that is too tight on a skirt or a dress, has horizontal draglines, or is wrinkling/creasing towards the darts.

1. You’ll open up the side seams on both the right and left sides and allow them to relax open.
2. Tape and pin the garment open and measure the amount you’ve opened.
3. You’ll give half to the front panel and the other half to the back panel of your pattern.
4. If you had the issue of wrinkles towards the darts, you will want to reduce the dart depth. You would take half of the amount you’re opening at the side seam and add it to the dart depth instead. This will narrow down the darts, therefore increasing the waist. You could also open up the dart and see how much you want to reduce it in that way.

Always remember: horizontal draglines generally mean it’s too tight on the garment. It’s not always at the exact location of the draglines; it could be below them, but view your garment for the tightness levels!

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