Pattern Corrections for Bottoms – Tilted Hemline in Skirts

What to do when the skirt of your pattern tilts towards the back? This creates an uneven hemline that makes it look shorter on the back. This issue is normally undesired, revealing, and makes the garment look weird and not the right size. The side seam also goes towards the back. It’s a common issue with skirts and dresses due to the variety of beautiful body types that don’t fit industry standards.

To correct it, you would need to do the following:
1. Pick up the front panel by pinning the center front waistline up. You need to pin it until the hemline becomes parallel to the floor. You’ll stop pinning toward the side seam area.
2. Measure the amount that you’ve pinned.
3. Come back to your pattern and mark the amount pinned on your front waistline. This is the amount you need to scoop the pattern, increasing the waistline shaping.
4. Align the front and back panel pieces to be sure that your waistline is smooth and continuous.

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