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These are better than the average tape measure 🙂

Double sided Tape Measures are my favorite!!

There are tons of measuring tapes out there. My absolute favorites are the double-sided tape measures. But wait! These are not just ordinary double-sided tape measures, they start on each side on opposite numbers. (Paidlinks*)

It means, when you go for either end of the tape measure you can just flip it over if it’s not the right direction. No more switching to the complete other end. These are hard to come by; I had to flip through about 10 pages of Amazon results to find it. Whenever I do find them, I always stock up on them. (This is primarily for imperial inches use, but there are centimeters/millimeters on the lower part of one side for a quick reference.)

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Metric and Imperial measures

In case you use both metric and imperial…. or like me who decided to move to Switzerland from the US and was forced to re-learn pattern making in metric, a double-sided tape measure with inches on one side and metric on the other is a great option. I wouldn’t suggest the option I linked to above for metric because it’s just too small to read for daily use.


I found some great alternative Metric and Imperial tape measures including the Singer Retractable Tape Measure, which are handy to pop in your pocket or purse without worrying about them getting tangled up! (paidlinks*)

Colorful Tape Measures

One of my “things” I love to do is to switch tape measure colors every time I get a new job or major transition in my life. This does two things for me:

1) It reminds me of that job or time in my life

2) It forces me to start with a new tape measure, since the old tapes become less accurate after a lot of use.

Enjoy the colors and use them for decorations when you retire them 😊

Here’s some fabulous colourful tape measures to add to your collection. These colorful options are not all the double-sided two-way as I linked to above. If you want that particular tape, click here.


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