How to Lower High Armholes – Option 3

Follow these steps if your draglines seem excessive and especially if they point towards the high point shoulder area (HPS).

1. Pin the low point shoulder (LPS) area by smoothing out the excess draglines as much as possible.
2. If it looks better after you’ve pinned the low point shoulder area, do this correction.
3. Measure the amount you’ve pinned at the LPS and lower that amount on both the front and the back shoulder slopes. Then, draw your new shoulder slope.
4. Measure that same amount on the sleeve and slash it closed to get it to fit the new armhole.
5. Pin the amount of dragline that’s left in the underarm area. Follow the previous two options for lowering the armhole.

This is a super common issue in Menswear since so many men have very sloped shoulders. People who have more angled shoulders tend to have the problem of high armholes.

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