Loosen a Pants Pattern on the Calf Area

It’s very uncomfortable to move when the pants are too tight around the calf area. Tapered or skinny pants shouldn’t feel restraining.

In this post, you’ll see a different method of making a large calf adjustment. It’s actually a pretty simple correction. I prefer the approach of NO slashing and spreading because that method doesn’t keep the front and back leg panels mirrored, and the leg opening often becomes bigger with it.

1. Open the sample where the tightness is. You’ll open both the inseam and side seam.
2. Measure the amount you’ve opened.
3. Distribute that amount between the side seams and inseams of your front and back panels.

This method will keep the side seams mirrored and the pants will stay as true to the original fit as possible.

Of course, as with all pattern making, there are so many methods and ways of doing things! One is not better or “correct” over the other. It just comes down to preference! 

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