How to Raise Low Armholes – Option 3

In this series of 3 posts, we discuss what to do when the armhole is too low. There are many ways of correcting low shoulders, but here we discuss the top 3 of them. The first option raises the entire garment from the shoulder seam. The second option raises the armhole position only. The third option raises the garment from the across front area instead of at the shoulder seam.

Option 3 keeps the darts and princess seams in the NEW position after pinning the garment.

1. Pin the Across front/Across back and sleeve to where you want the new armhole to sit.
2. You’ll notice that the darts, princess line, and waistline raise after pinning.
3. If you like the raised location of the darts, princess line, and waistline, this correction is for you.
4. Mark the Across front/back and sleeve how much you’ve pinned.
5. Slash that amount shut.
6. Add to the body and sleeve length if you want the original length.

Yes, there are more ways to correct low shoulders, but let’s move on to high armholes next. 😊👏

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