A Trick for How to Measure Yourself – Across Shoulder Width

This point of measure (POM) is called the “Across Shoulder” because it is the total width of your shoulders across the whole body. As mentioned in the previous post, it’s critical to obtain the correct shoulder width if you want to achieve a well-fitted garment, reduce the draglines, increase comfort, and improve the arm lift. Here’s how to do it:

1. If your measuring tape has a hole in the metal tip, loop about 3 yards/meters of ribbon through the hole.
2. If it has no hole, make a really small hole with the point of your scissors and loop the ribbon through with a needle.
3. The best is to have a mirror in the front and back of you to see better.
4. Mark your body for the shoulder tips. You have already determined this from the previous post 👍 (You could also place a piece of tape on your body and mark the tape if you don’t want to mark your skin. Or use little stickers to indicate the position.)
5. Place a piece of adhesive tape on the end of your measuring tape and adhere that to one side of your Low Point Shoulder (LPS) where you marked.
6. Wrap the measuring tape along your back shoulders until it comes to the other marked side.
7. Breathe in, breathe out.
8. Relax and don’t move those shoulders!
9. Very carefully, without moving the shoulders, look down and slightly in the back if you have a mirror.
10. Remember: The hardest thing is not moving as you take your measurements! This goes for when other people measure you or when you measure yourself!

You can use this method with the ribbon for all your measurements and leave the ribbon on at all times as a designated me-measuring tape. It’s so accurate when you use the method correctly. The biggest thing to remember is: “Am I standing like a mannequin, straight up, with the arms down, when I read my own measurements?”

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