How to Get a Perfect Fit in Sleeves

Here are some basic tips for getting a nice fitting sleeve on your sewing pattern.

We start off with a symmetrical sleeve when it’s folded in half lengthwise on your sewing pattern.
1) The underarm seam must be mirrored front to back. It’s ok to have a slight curve here, but it must be mirrored!
2) The front reverse curve of the sleeve is more scooped than the back (usually between 1/8”-1/4”)
3) I like to add a little extra in the front shoulder tip. Look at your shoulder tip bone right now. Does that bone protrude out a little more in the front than in the back? If so, you’ll want to do this to your pattern 😊 (usually between 1/8”-1/4”)
4) The reverse curve of the sleeve should match the curve of the armhole on the body. This should be similar up to the notch area (more/less)

I hope these are helpful tips for you! Happy Sewing and Happy Pattern Making! 🌷🌸💜

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