Fixing Neck Gaping – Princess Seams from the Armhole

This correction discusses the front neckline gaping when there is a princess seam.

The first thing we need to check is the neck width from the front to back pattern.

1. Pin any excess in the front neck area and measure that amount. This is the amount the neck width needs to reduce in the front.
2. Do the next two steps as we discussed in the previous video. Lay the front panel on the back and consider any zippers or placket at the center front.
3. You want your front neck width to be the same or slightly smaller than the back -including half of your CF zipper width or placket.
4. You could sew a second muslin if your neck widths were not matching. If you still have gaping after your neck widths align, pin that amount and measure it.
5. Mark the pattern in that area and the width you’ve measured.
6. Slash and close it shut.
7. Redraw the neckline to be smooth and continuous at the slashing area.

Don’t forget to include the placket widths and zipper widths when you check the front neck to the back neck!

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