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Fixing Horizontal Draglines at the Neck

This is the fourth post of a series about neckline fitting corrections. This time you’ll see how to fix those horizontal draglines at the neck. These lines happen when the shoulder slope of the pattern does not match the shoulder slope of your body.

Horizontal draglines in the area of the neckline would give us a shoulder slope correction. However, you may also feel like the neckline is too high.

If your garment has these issues, here’s how you’ll correct it:
1. Cut open the shoulder seam, stopping at the HPS.
2. Tape, pin and measure the amount you’ve opened.
3. Notice if your garment falls more to the front or back or is equal on both sides.
4. If it falls more to one side than the other, give more to that side (measuring that amount on your sample).
5. It could be that you only need to correct either the front or the back, or both.
6. You’ll correct the pattern by raising up the shoulder seam at the low point shoulder area.

By the way, if my voice sounds odd, it’s not your device; this video was recorded after my tonsils were removed! 😆 But I’m OK now!

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