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Fixing Armhole Gaping: Set-in Sleeve Correction

This post is part of a series that discusses corrections for gaping armholes in different style patterns, meaning they don’t sit close to the body. Now, what do we do with the sleeve when we have a gaping armhole? You can use this same sleeve correction for the last posts about gaping armholes.
1. Pin the sleeve in the same area where your armhole was gaping.
2. If you can move around ok when it’s pinned, go with option 1 to make the pattern correction.
3. If it’s too tight when pinned, go with option 2 for the pattern correction.
4. Option 1: mark the sleeve pattern in the same amount and area you’ve pinned and slash/close that amount.
5. Option 2: lower the sleeve cap height the amount needed in order to fit in the new armhole.
Pretty easy, right?! It’s best to start with option 1 when possible because option 2 will increase the draglines under the sleeve. However, if the bicep/ sleeve width was tight, you need to go with option 2.

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