Fix Front Rise Wrinkles on Pants Patterns – Step 2: Compare Thigh Width

Whiskers are for Cats! 😽 We want to avoid them in our pants along that front curve of the rise.

Always check first that the vertical line at the front rise doesn’t go in further than 1/4” or 3/8”. If it does, correct that slant first. The thigh will get bigger with this correction.

*Measure the width of the biggest part of your thigh.
*Put your two pattern pieces facing each other from the inseam to connect the front rises. You should have a continuous curve.
*Draw a straight line from the end of the one rise curve all the way to the other end.
*This line pattern must measure at least the same as the width of your thigh. If it doesn’t, you’ll need to extend the back rise to meet that measurement.

The exception would be with tights or other skintight pants with stretch, where you could break this rule. However, even in these cases, try not to be too far off from the measurement.

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