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Fix Front Rise Wrinkles on Pants Patterns – Step 3: Adjust the Front-Rise Curve

Whiskers are for Cats! 😽 We want to avoid them in our pants along that front curve of the rise.

Always check first that the vertical line at the front rise doesn’t go in further than 1/4” or 3/8”. If it does, correct that slant first. Also, check the thigh width. If none of these apply or work, you will need to give to the front rise curve.

*Open your fitting sample at the front rise curve, meaning from the crotch to the upper part of the rise.
*Allow it to relax open and measure the amount we’ve opened.
*Give to your front rise curve half of the amount you’ve opened. It’s basically deepening the curvature of that front rise.
*Go to zero at the crotch point and go to zero wherever you stopped opening that sample.

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