Fix Back Diagonal Draglines on Pants – Part 1

Back diagonal draglines on pants don’t look and feel nice. In this post, we’ll see in which cases they’re acceptable and where to pin your garment in order to reduce these lines. The following post will show you the pattern correction after you’ve pinned your sample.

Now, which draglines are acceptable and which aren’t? This will depend on the fabric, the style pattern, and the body type. Acceptable draglines are the ones that allow for movement, like sitting down and lifting your legs. They’re usually in the back of your pants and look natural. Unacceptable draglines, on the contrary, are big, bulky, and go in a curved line.

To eliminate these unacceptable lines, you need to pin your sample horizontally along the center back of your waist. You’ll also need to pin along the back rise curve. In the next post, we’ll see how to fix those ugly draglines on your pattern.

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