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Find Your Exact Low Point Shoulder (LPS)

Obtaining the correct shoulder width is critical in achieving a well-fitted garment. The right shoulder width for your body will reduce the draglines, increase comfort and improve the arm lift. Here’s how to do it:

1. Feel the low point shoulder area for the shoulder tip bone that protrudes out. You may need to dig a little to find it.
2. When you think you’ve found it, look in the mirror and raise the straightened arm 30 degrees. If the finger on the bone does not lift up or down, you’ve found the right bone.
3. If your finger is lifting up with the arm, you are too far out.

It’s a good idea to mark the edge of the bone with a little marker to get the exact location on both sides.

This is a perfect starting for the shoulder width on shirts. For each additional layer of clothing like sweaters and jackets/coats, you can add some slight ease to each layer to account for all the fullness of the underneath layers.

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Learn the 3-Step
Fitting Process:

  • A) Identify the Fitting Issue.
  • B) Pin, Cut, & Tape the Fitting Sample.
  • C) Correct the Sewing Pattern.


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