Dragline Corrections for Bottoms – Fuller Tummies and Backsides

What to do when you have draglines pointing towards the fullness of your abdomen or backside?

This is what to do, and also works with pants:
1. Cut horizontally where the fullness of the tummy or the backside is the biggest. You’ll angle your cut down to the hip area on the side seam.
2. Then, cut along the darts or where you will add darts. The darts will allow for better fullness where you need it.
3. Allow your sample to open up and tape it open.
4. Measure the amount you’ve opened the sample and add it to your pattern horizontally and vertically at the lower dart position.
5. By cutting the pattern as shown and pivoting, your dart will automatically be created, or if you already have a dart, you’ll know how much to increase it.

In some situations, you may need to open up the side seam if the hip still feels too tight after this correction. You would then give a little extra at the hip area on the side seams.

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