Center Back Hiking Up – No Yoke

When you look at the bottom hem from the side profile view, you notice the center back is hiking up and not leveling with the sides/front. You may also notice vertical draglines. The shoulder slope is the most common reason the CB hikes up and kicks out away from the body.

This post is for styles that have no yoke. It’s the most common correction when the back length hikes up.

1. Cut along the shoulder slopes from the high point shoulder (HPS), stopping at the Low Point Shoulder (LPS).
2. Allow the back to hang down until the hem is even.
3. Tape it in place and measure the distance at the HPS.
4. Add on the back body panel the same amount you cut/taped open at the HPS and raise the neckline that amount, too.
5. In some cases, you may need to add some of the amount you’ve opened to the front shoulder slope. You’ll know if you need to by looking at the shoulder seam and where it is sitting.

Did you already know this CB hiking issue is usually attributed to the shoulder slope??? Did you have a lightbulb💡 moment?

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