Adding Sleeves to Sleeveless Patterns

What are the main differences between a sleeveless tank top versus a top with sleeves? What do you need to do when you want to add a sleeve to a sleeveless pattern?

1. Sleeveless tops usually have a lower armhole depth between 1/4”-1/2”.
2. The shoulder width, “across front” and “across back” is usually smaller on a sleeveless top.
3. The necklines will vary per style.

If you ever wanted to add a sleeve to a sleeveless top, you would need to raise the armhole and fill in the shoulder area.

To create the sleeve, mark a straight line for the center of the sleeve, mark the bicep width plus ease. Then apply the sleeve cap height/width as in the previous videos.

Ensure the sleeve is 1/4”-3/8” larger than the armhole for woven fabrics. Knit fabrics can be the same between armhole and sleeve measurements.

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