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How to measure yourself

How to measure your cross shoulder width Measuring your cross shoulder distance is vital for ensuring your top patterns fit correctly. This is the method I use to get an accurate measurement when doing it myself! 1. If your measuring tape has a hole in the metal tip, loop about 3 yards/meters of ribbon through […]

Your Free Guide for Hip Curves

Two of my very favorite Pattern Making tools: my Hip Curve and Grid Rulers. I’m going to explain just exactly how Amazing these pattern tools really are! Let’s start with the Hip Curve, this ruler helps create the perfect curve for those side seams when designing or altering garments particularly pants! It not only helps […]

Essential Fitting tools in Pattern Making

Tools for pattern making are critical! Using the right tools can give us beautiful lines and can improve the shapes of your pattern pieces. I wanted to list out a few of my favorite tools to help your fitting journey. 1)      My absolute favorite is the hip curve. This ruler gives us the perfect curve […]