Tag: pattern adjustments

Across Shoulder Too Wide

Top Pattern correction to reduce the shoulder width. a) identify the issue – across shoulder is too large- Often there is too much fabric across the front. B) Pin the across shoulder area in at the Low point shoulder (LPS), until you are happy with the location of the armhole seam. Option 1 C) Correcting […]

Full Bust Adjustment – FBA Pattern Correction

Top Pattern correction for a Full Bust adjustment (FBA). This correction is for styles with side bust darts. A full bust adjustment (FBA) is needed when the person has a larger Bust cup size than the sewing pattern was created for. Most pattern companies create their sewing patterns based on a standard B-cup bust size. […]

Free Pants Fitting Guide

Download your Free Pants fitting guide Today! What’s worse than pants that don’t fit?! I’ve created a free pants fitting guide to help eliminate the issues in bad-fitting pants. It shows how to correct pattern pieces to create the perfect fit for your body shape.   Mass market clothing is not tailored to fit individual […]