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Across Shoulder Too Wide

Top Pattern correction to reduce the shoulder width. a) identify the issue – across shoulder is too large- Often there is too much fabric across the front. B) Pin the across shoulder area in at the Low point shoulder (LPS), until you are happy with the location of the armhole seam. Option 1 C) Correcting […]

Small Bust Adjustment – Pattern Correction

Top Pattern correction for a Small Bust adjustment (SBA). Follow this correction for styles with Darts or NO darts. a) identify the issue – The bust is loose, there is excess at the bust area. B) Pinning the problem (when you’ve already sewn a muslin/toile): Pin the excess area you have at the front bust […]

Free Top Fitting Guide

A Fitting Guide on How to make Bodices, Tops and Dresses Fit. I put this free fitting guide together as a “Thank You” to the 50,000+ Followers who have watched my fitting-correction videos on Instagram and Facebook. You have kept me going over the last year, making over 85 fitting videos. I wish, so much, […]