Category: Join Gina’s Journey – The Early Days of Sewing

Learning to sew had a dramatic impact on my life and I would like to share this adventure with you. Maybe you’ll learn something, laugh a bit or be inspired from it! Happy Sewing!

My First Sewing Failure

It’s only the “first” of many sewing mistakes I’ve made in my life. This sewing failure begins with the first sewing machine project I can recall. The goal was to make a poodle skirt for my 5th grade class. We were to dress up like the 1950s-60s and I wanted to wear a poodle skirt. […]

The Junk Room….I mean Sewing Room

The Sewing Room. Oh wait… is there really a sewing machine in there? Almost every household has that “junk” room, closet or drawer. You know, the place you just shove things in to when you’re not sure where to put it. Maybe you call it a storage room or junk drawer. It may have even […]

Think of One Person

Do you know someone who has taught you something which has changed your life? Think of one person. What has changed your life in a positive way that you could never imagine a life without it? For me, that one person is my mother and what I’ve learned from her is sewing. Life without sewing […]

Join Gina’s Journey

About 5 years ago, I visited my Grandma in Wisconsin. She was 85 at the time and I was so excited to spend several days with her, because we all know Grandmas are special people! We never lived in the same state as my Grandparents or extended family. Every summer, we would road-trip it from […]